WIGS-Exclusive Content

As a member of the WDWNT Inner Globe Society, you are entitled to access WDWNT content that is not available to the general public. Below is an index of all the content currently available to WIGS members and the required membership level for access. Go to patreon.com/wdwnt to sign up for WIGS or upgrade your tier.

You must connect your Patreon account to my.wdwnt.com to access this content. First, make sure you are logged in to Patreon. Next, go to my.wdwnt.com/wp-login.php and click the orange “Login with Patreon” button and follow the steps. After your accounts are linked, you can simply click the Login with Patreon button here to access the content. If you have any questions, please contact jill@wdwnt.com.

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Discord Access (All Levels)

How to set up Discord and Patreon

Zoom with Tom, A WIGS-Exclusive Show (All levels)

Zoom with Tom! provides WIGS Ultra and Club 33 Levels to have a live Zoom session with Tom. The recording is available to all WIGS members.

A Diff’Rant Perspective, A WIGS-Exclusive Show (All levels)

A Diff’Rant Perspective brings you Jason’s rants about all things Disney (and maybe some tangents as well). Joining Jason on the show will be a rotating selection of WDWNT personalities, including Jill Diffendal (Jason’s sister).

Ride Rehab Watches, A WIGS-Exclusive Show (All levels)

Ride Rehab Watches takes an irreverent dive into the obscure (and often terrible) world of Disney specials, shows, and shorts. Watch as Tyler, Thomas, and Ben try and make these videos a bit more watchable – they certainly can’t make them worse!

D-tailed, A WIGS-Exclusive Show (SEVEN Level and above)

D-tailed takes a dive deep into some of the details of the Walt Disney World Resort that make it so unique, charming, and magical. Tom Corless hosts these in-depth tours of special places and regales you with his limitless knowledge.

Postshows (Levels Vary, See Below)

Cosmic Reid Live! Postshows (All Levels)

WDW News Tonight Postshows: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 (SEVEN Level and above; 2020 and 2019 archives available to all levels)

ParksCenter Postshows (SEVEN Level and above)

Limited Edition Postshows (Deep in the Plus, Outside the Bubble and Dinner with Tom) (SEVEN Level and above)

Podcast Archives (SEVEN Level and above)

Christmas Podcast Parade

Back to the Future

Super Obscure Show

See Ya Real Late

Around the Hub

The Disney Pincast

The WDW News Today Podcast

The Disneyland News Today Podcast

Destination Vinylmation

Jedi Hero Princess Podcast

Other WIGS-Exclusive Content (Levels Vary)

Tokyo Calendars (All Levels)

Extras, Bloopers and More (All Levels)