Back to the Future

Here is a complete listing of the Back to the Future episodes in reverse chronological order. For WIGS Members at the $7 level and above, please make sure you are logged in via Patreon, and a download box should appear below the episode list. If it does not appear for you, and you are logged in via Patreon, please contact

Note that many of the episodes are available in both .mp3 and .m4a formats. The .m4a format was supported by Apple for Enhanced Podcasts with embedded images. If this format does not work for you, we recommend downloading the .mp3 version.

BTTF: The Great Movie Ride (Ep373)
BTTF: Fire Mountain (Ep371)
BTTF: Wishes and Magic Kingdom Fireworks Spectaculars (Ep368)
BTTF: Pirates of the Caribbean (Ep365)
BTTF: Disney Mountain (Ep362)
BTTF: Matterhorn (Ep350)
BTTF: Disney vs. Universal (Ep344)
BTTF: Monorails (Ep342)
BTTF: 60 Years of Disney Parks (Ep336)
BTTF: Maelstrom (Ep 326)
BTTF: Studio Backlot Tour (Ep322)
BTTF: 1964-65 New York World’s Fair (Ep320)
BTTF: Star Tours (Ep300)
BTTF: The American Adventure (Ep296)
BTTF: Tapestry of Nations and Epcot Parades (Ep292-293)
BTTF: Harvest Theater at The Land (Ep283-284)
BTTF: IllumiNations and Epcot Lagoon Shows (Ep276-277)
BTTF: The Land (Ep274)
BTTF: O Canada (Ep270)
BTTF: The Living Seas (Ep267-268)
BTTF: Imageworks (Ep263)
BTTF: Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Ep254-255)
BTTF: Magic Kingdom Nighttime Parades (Ep250)
BTTF: Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel (Ep239)
BTTF: it’s a small world (Ep234)
BTTF: Swiss Family Treehouse (Ep231)
BTTF: Gran Prix Raceway/Tomorrowland Speedway (Ep227)
BTTF: Enchanted Tiki Room (Ep219-220)
BTTF: Country Bear Jamboree (Ep217-218)
BTTF: Dinosaur/Countdown to Extinction (Ep200)
BTTF: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Ep170)
BTTF: Snow White’s Scary Adventures (Ep167)
BTTF: Star Tours (Ep161)
BTTF: The Land (Ep156)
BTTF: Splash Mountain (Ep152)
BTTF: WEDway Peoplemover (Ep151)
BTTF: Peter Pan’s Flight (Ep145)
BTTF: The Great Movie Ride (Ep128)
BTTF: Studio Backlot Tour (Ep119)
BTTF: Discovery River Boats (Ep112)
BTTF: Horizons/Mission: SPACE (Ep108)
BTTF: Journey into Imagination (Ep100)
BTTF: Share a Dream Come True Parade (Ep76)
BTTF: Mexico Pavilion at Epcot (Ep70)
BTTF: Space Mountain (Ep68)
BTTF: Haunted Mansion (Ep65)
BTTF: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Ep63)
BTTF: Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom (Ep60)
BTTF: Main Street Exposition Hall (Ep58)
BTTF: Nighttime Spectaculars at Hollywood Studios (Ep56)
BTTF: Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Ep54)
BTTF: Universe of Energy (Ep52)
BTTF: Spaceship Earth (Ep50)
BTTF: Theater in the Wild (Ep37)
BTTF: Tomorrowland Metropolis Science Center (Ep35)
BTTF: Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center (Ep33)
BTTF: Transportation Pavilion at EPCOT (Ep29)
BTTF: ABC Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Ep27)